Agilent 54721A

Agilent 54721A

1.1GHz Amplifier Plug-in for HP 54720D

Product Description:

Agilent 54721A 1.1GHz Amplifier Plug-in for HP 54720D

Agilent 54721A

The Agilent 54721A oscilloscope is a graph-displaying device – it draws a graph of an electrical signal. In most applications, the graph shows how signals change over time: the vertical (Y) axis represents voltage and the horizontal (X) axis represents time. The intensity or brightness of the display is sometimes called the Z axis.

The Agilent 54721A oscilloscope's simple graph can tell you many things about a signal, such as: the time and voltage values of a signal, the frequency of an oscillating signal, the “moving parts” of a circuit represented by the signal, the frequency with which a particular portion of the signal is occurring relative to, other portions, whether or not a malfunctioning component is distorting the signal, how much of a signal is direct current (DC) or alternating current (AC) and how much of the signal is noise and whether the noise is changing with time.

Bandwidth: 1.1GHz
No. of channels: 1ch
Max. single ch. sampling rate: 4GSa/s

For ECL,&BiCMOS trouble shooti
For High-speed digital communi
For Highest Analog Bandwidth
Probe Power

Performance Characteristics of the 54721A

Form Factor Module (proprietary interface/bus)
Bandwidth 1.1 GHz
Number of Channels 1 ch
Simultaneous Channels 1 ch
Simultaneous Maximum Sampling Rate/ch 4 GSa/s
One ch. only max. sampling rate 4 GSa/s
Max. Record Length 32768 pt/sec
Min. Vertical Sensitivity 10 mV/div
Maximum Vertical Sensitivity 1 V/div
Number of Bits 8 bits
Input Coupling AC,DC
Main time base - lowest 100 ps/div
Main time base - highest 1 s/div
Timebase accuracy 0.007 %
Trigger Modes Delay,Edge,Glitch,Pattern,State

Programmability/Connectivity of the 54721A

User Interface Proprietary

54721A Compliance

CE Compliance Not on file
UL Compliance Not compliant

54721A Power Requirements

Input Power Universal (Auto Sense and Switch)

Options for 54721A

Option US List Price
0B1 / Add Manual Set Discontinued
1BN / Military Standard 45662A Calibration Certification Discontinued
1BP / Military Standard 45662A Calibration with Test Data Discontinued
W30 / 3 Years Return for Repair Service Discontinued
W32 / 3 Years Return for Calibration Service Discontinued
W34 / 3 year Customer Return Standard Compliance Calibration Service Discontinued
W50 / 5 Year Customer Return Repair Service Discontinued
W52 / 5 Years Return for Calibration Service Discontinued
W54 / 5 Years Return for Calibration Service Discontinued