Bias Tee

Manufacturer Model Condition Description Specs
Agilent 11590B New Broadband high power bias network 11590B
Agilent 11612A New Bias network 11612A
Agilent 11612A 3rd party pre-owned Bias network, 45 MHz - 26.5 GHz 11612A
Agilent 11612B New Bias Network 45 MHz - 50 GHz 11612B
Agilent 11612T New Force/sense bias-tee module, 3.5mm, 0.045 or 0.4 to 26.5 GHz 11612T
Agilent 11612V New Force/sense bias-tee module, 2.4 mm, 0.045 to 50 GHz 11612V
Agilent 11635A 3rd party pre-owned Not-on-file(other-mfr) 11635A
Agilent 11635A New 11635A
Hewlett Packard 11612B New 11612B
HP 11590B New 11590B
HP 11612A New 11612A
HP 11612B New 11612B
Practical Sciences, Inc. BT45GB New General Purpose Bias-Tee BT45GB
Rohde & Schwarz ZV-Z61 New Bias-Tee 2 MHz - 4 GHz N-male/female ZV-Z61

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