Attenuator Controller

Manufacturer Model Condition Description Specs
Aeroflex Weinschel 001-378 New Attenuator /Switch Controller Power Supply 001-378
Aeroflex Weinschel 10-10-34 New 10-10-34
Aeroflex Weinschel 193-8012 New Mounting Kit: 8210A Accessory 193-8012
Aeroflex Weinschel 193-8013 New Cable Assembly: 8210A Accessory 193-8013
Aeroflex Weinschel 8210A-1 New Attenuator / Switch Controller:GPIB/IEEE-488 (HS-488 ready) 8210A-1
Aeroflex Weinschel 8210A-2 New Attenuator / Switch Controller:RS-232, RS-422, RS-485 8210A-2
Aeroflex/Weinschel 10-10-34 3rd party pre-owned Not-on-file(other-mfr) 10-10-34
Bird Electronic Corporation 1000-A-FFN-06 New Attenuator 1kW 6dB N(f) to N(f) DC-2.4 GHz 1000-A-FFN-06
Bird Electronic Corporation 2-6A-MFA-02 New Attenuator, 2W 2dB SMA(m) to SMA(f) DC -6 GHz 2-6A-MFA-02
Bird Electronic Corporation 3-A-MFRT-03 New Attenuator 3W 3dB MFRT DC-4.0 GHz 3-A-MFRT-03
Bird Electronic Corporation 3-A-MFRT-06 New Attenuator 3W 6dB MFRT DC-4.0 GHz 3-A-MFRT-06
Bird Electronic Corporation 3-A-MFRT-10 New Attenuator 3W 10dB MFRT DC-4.0 GHz 3-A-MFRT-10
Bird Electronic Corporation 3-A-MFRT-20 New Attenuator 3W 20dB MFRT DC-4.0 GHz 3-A-MFRT-20
Bird Electronic Corporation 3-A-MFRT-30 New Attenuator 3W 30dB MFRT DC-4.0 GHz 3-A-MFRT-30
Bird Electronic Corporation 8700-TN-020-N New Attenuator 150W 2dB Flanged w/Tabs DC-2.5 GHz 8700-TN-020-N
Bird Electronic Corporation 8700-TN-030-N New Attenuator 150W 3dB Flanged w/Tabs DC-2.5 GHz 8700-TN-030-N
Bird Electronic Corporation 8700-TN-100-N New Attenuator 150W 10dB Flanged w/Tabs DC-2.5 GHz 8700-TN-100-N
GenRad 1450-TB New 1450-TB
Hewlett Packard 87130A New 87130A
Hughes Electro Dynamics Division 45112H-1000 New 45112H-1000

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