Analog Oscilloscope


An oscilloscope or scope is an electronic measuring instrument that creates a visible two-dimensional graph of one or more electrical potential differences. The horizontal axis of the display normally represents time, making the instrument useful for displaying periodic signals. The vertical axis usually shows voltage. The display is caused by a "spot" that periodically "sweeps" the screen from left to right.

Analogue storage oscilloscope

An extra feature available on some analogue scopes is called 'storage'. This feature allows the trace pattern that normally decays in a fraction of a second to remain on the screen for several minutes or longer. An electrical circuit can then be deliberately activated to store and erase the trace on the screen.

Important analog oscilloscope products:

Manufacturer Model Condition Description Specs
1422 New 1422
2160A New 2160A
2190B New 2190B
400 New 400
Agilent 54110D 3rd party pre-owned Not-on-file(other-mfr) 54110D
Agilent 54651A 3rd party pre-owned Not-on-file(other-mfr) 54651A
Agilent 54651A New 54651A
B&K Precision 1275 New Portable Video Pattern Generator 1275
B&K Precision 1422 New 1422
B&K Precision 1541C New Oscilloscope, Analog: 40MHz,2ch (Stand alone) 1541C
B&K Precision 1541D New 40MHz 2 Channel Oscilloscope 1541D
B&K Precision 2120B New 30 MHz 2-Trace Scope With Probes 2120B
B&K Precision 2121 New 30MHz Analog Oscilloscope with Frequency Counter 2121
B&K Precision 2125A New 30 MHz Delay Trace Scope w/Probes 2125A
B&K Precision 2160A New 60 MHZ SCOPE W/PROBES 2160A
B&K Precision 2190B New 100 MHZ OSCILLOSCOPE 2190B
B&K Precision 5105A New 150MHz, 200MS/s, Analog/Digital Storage Oscilloscope 5105A
B+K Precision 1422 3rd party pre-owned Not-on-file(other-mfr) 1422
Bel Merit OS1020 New Analog Oscilloscope OS1020
Bel Merit OS1035 New Analog Oscilloscope OS1035
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Analog Oscilloscopes by different manufacturers: