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Bicotest, Ltd. T620 TDR General Purpose Cable Fault Locator
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Bicotest, Ltd. T620

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Last updated: 11/20/2018
Functional: Yes
Seller comments: The Bicotest T620 is an easy to operate cable fault locator. The cable fault locator is sutaible for any type of metallic cable, and has a a T600 blocking filter. When power is connected, the screen is powered on, however, we do not have the equipment to make sure that the whole system functions. Cables included are: power outlet for the device. Image can be found at: Make bids, price is adjustable.
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Right of return: 5 business days (from time of receipt)
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Calibration: 02/2007
Warranty: 30 days
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Who pays: Buyer
Ships in: 14 Day (from time of payment receipt)
Ships from: Norway
Zip code: 3188
Estimated weight: 7.00 lbs.
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