Tips for buying used equipment

  • 5 business day right of return
  • Guaranteed delivery or your money back

  • User lists equipment for sale
  • You order through EurekaSpot
  • We hold your payment and seller ships equipment
  • You have 5 business day right of return to check equipment
  • Seller only gets paid (minus 8% fee) AFTER your right of return expires

Be a smart buyer and take these points into account when buying equipment.

Verify calibration and working condition.

Questions to ask:

  • Is unit functional?
  • Is unit refurbished and who refurbished it last?
  • Does unit pass self-test? (Note: Self-test is not a calibration)
  • Does unit pass self-calibration?
  • When was unit last used and under what conditions?
  • Under what condition has unit been stored and for how long?

Questions to ask if unit is advertised as re-furbished:

  • Has it been cleaned externally? Dust blown from internal parts?
  • Have scratches been re-painted?
  • Has it been tested as functional?
  • Is the calibration recent?
  • Are external parts complete (feet, knobs, etc.)?

Verify accessories.

Find out what accessories come with the unit.

Questions to ask:

  • What specific accessories are included with unit?
  • Can you give a detailed list of accessories included?
  • What accessories are missing?
  • What software is included that is required for its functionality?
  • Is any of the software missing?

Verify configuration and function.

Read the manufacturer specifications and make sure you know how the unit is configured and that is best suited for your requirements. Most options affect functionality.

Questions to ask:

  • Is this a modular or stand-alone unit?
  • Any additional boards or components included with a modular system?
  • What options are installed?

Get the serial number.

Knowing the unit's serial number helps determine whether it is legally owned and, in some cases, its age.

Questions to ask:

  • What is the serial number?

Request a right of return.

Request a right of return on all purchases. This allows you to return the unit in the event it is not functional or does not meet your requirements.

EurekaSpot guarantees buyers a 5-day right of return. Buyers order through EurekaSpot. We secure your payment and you have 5 business days (from time of receipt) to review the item. We only pay the seller after your right of return expires.

Verify packing standards and shipping costs.

Equipment can be heavy, so verify shipping standards and costs prior to buying. Use your preferred carrier and account to save money. Preferred packing is triple-walled cardboard and foam-in-place or sculpted foam. For sensitive items, request air delivery.

Questions to ask:

  • How will this unit be packed for shipment?
  • What is the shipping cost to [country], [ZIP code]?

Give seller feedback.

Share your seller experience with others. After purchasing through EurekaSpot, be sure to leave seller feedback, whether it’s critical or positive.