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Founded in 1998 by a management team with decades of experience in every aspect of the test and measurement world, TestMart's mission was to design, develop, and deploy the world's first e-commerce solution for electronic test and measurement equipment. Since then TestMart has been transforming the way test equipment is bought and sold - for all the participants in the industry. The team of industry veterans now leads a well-seasoned and highly motivated group of employees with extensive engineering, e-business, and marketing experience. Today the company provides it's powerful Web-based solution to organizations who have significant test equipment needs, enabling them to effectively manage their procurement process on-line - better, faster and more cost effectively.

TestMart is the leading sales, marketing and online strategy partner for the test and measurement community. Manufacturers and sellers use TestMart to increase their military, government and commercial sales. Buyers rely on TestMart as an honest and efficient marketplace for purchasing test and measurement equipment. Headquartered in San Bruno, California, TestMart is a privately funded company.

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