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Last updated: 03/08/2017
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Seller comments: Edible Natural ColorCompound food color Applied to food, medicine, health care products, cosmetic. Paprika(OS) Paprika Water Soluble(WS) Radish Red (WS) Red Cabbage (WS) Lac Dye Red(WS) Monascus Red(WS) Red Beet(WS) Carmine (Red) (WS) Carmine (Orange)(WS) Carmine (Purple)(WS) Carmine(Red)(WS) Carmine (Purple)(WS) Gromwell(OS) Xanthophylls(OS) Curcumin(WS) Gardenia Yellow(WS)  Safflower Yellow(WS) Norbixin(WS) Bixin(OS) Sodium Copper Chlorophyll Green Color-Gardenia Blue Safflower Yellow(WS) 2%Natural Mixed Carotene Purple Sweet Potato Color
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